Home measurements


Ever wonder if the gross living area of a dwelling is accurately reported in your city/county assessment records? 
SinnenGreen & Associates can meet your needs and provide you with accurate and detailed measurements of your property. 

The gross living area of the subject dwelling is one of the most important factors regarding market value. With different home styles and designs, it is important that the gross living area for the dwelling be reported accurately. 

Do you have a home with an addition or converted garage? Are you unsure if the new space can be included within the gross living area? What’s the difference between Gross Living Area and Square footage?

Gross Living Area vs. Square Footage
Gross Living area is above ground living space that is finished and has an active heat source. The space does not include basements, porches, or garages.

Square Footage is the overall square feet of a dwelling that may include basements, porches, and garages.

Using magnifying glass to inspect outside of house